Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stay classy, Sarah Palin!

No wonder Charlie Sykes et al like Sarah Palin so much. She's the kind of gal who'll chuckle along as some talk radio thugs call Alaska state senate leader Lyda Green -- a Republican and a cancer survivor -- a "bitch," a "cancer"and, for good measure, make a fat joke.

via Sadly, No!

Truly, this performance is the sort of thing that should win over independent women voters and disaffected Hillary supporters. Did I mention that women appear more skeptical of Palin than menfolk do? Perhaps they don't feel as energized by the pick as callers to Charlie's show.

Sarah Palin's classy performance brings to mind someone else...Oh yeah, her putative boss.

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  1. Well there's a little twist of the data for you! A trip back to Rasmussen shows Palin holds a 10 point lead in favorable measurement over Biden.