Friday, August 22, 2008

Selling Their Souls

As Keith pointed out earlier, Chancellor John Wiley's keen observations of the damage that the WMC is doing to the State of Wisconsin with their Machiavellian manipulations and maneuverings has caused fits of conniptions and consternations among the right wingers.

But what Keith has shown us is but the tip of the derangement iceberg among the righties.

Christian Schneider has a post "dissecting" Wiley's observations, calling them hyperbolic. Unfortunately, his refutations are pure hyperbole themselves. An example:
Yet, apparently those changes are what are necessary to keep Wisconsin from - and I hope you’re sitting down - becoming a “permanent third-world state.” Honestly, if any political science student at UW-Madison used that kind of hyperbole in one of their research papers, they should be forced to re-take the course (unless it was taught by Kevin Barrett.)

Um, yeah. Well, if we have to explain the difference between a treatise and a research paper, then they're already lost to the point anyway. And why the Barrett mention? Just to rile the dander of the lemmings that eat up this pablum anyway.

My good friend, the Illusory One has pointed out some more of the truth about WMC and their lying henchmen.

Not to be outdone by Schneider, the master of linguistic and logic gymnastics, Patrick McIlheran chimes in with his two cents on the issue. He quaintly titles his piece "The nerve of these....tradesman!" After a long and winding road full of smoke, mirrors, stroked statistics and logical leaps that have not been seen since McBride closed down her blogs, he comes to this conclusion:
Wiley seems particularly frosted that business owners have gotten so uppity as to forget their place: Which is to shut up, make more . . . well, whatever it is such tradesmen make all day, and anyhow just do their job, which is to support the university by submitting to ever-higher taxes and to be grateful for the opportunity to do so.

Basically, McIlheran takes a long and convoluted path to admonish the Chancellor for calling for equality. That rotten scoundrel! How dare he want equality for the people!

Unfortunately for PaddyMac, the definition of tradesmen does not include megarich CEOs of corporations. The proper word for the group that Paddy is looking for is plutocracy.

The only tradesmen in this story would be people like Schneider and McIlheran who have traded their souls for a lump of fool's gold.

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  1. You have to be a real idiot to not recognize that it is the UW that is the engine of the Wisconsin economy, not mindless tax cutting.

    What WMC wants is not an improved economy for all of us, but everything they can scape off of the table for themselves.

    If they really cared about the UW system and about economic growth, they would have vigorously defend the stem cell program at UW, a real source of growth in this state. But instead, they had to ally with their buddies at Wisconsin Right to Lie.