Friday, August 29, 2008

Sweating With Sykes

After last night's historical speech, TMJ4 had Charlie on to give it his spin. Just looking at this face, one could tell Obama hit the sucker out of the park much better than Sykes expected. Sykes pale complexion and sweaty brow, his stuttering and deer in the headlights look was more than enough to tell how the tide was rising.

Then he opened his mouth and his biggest complaint? Obama's speech was too partisan. Huh? They pay him for this? Um, Charlie, Obama, the first African-American presidential candidate in history, has been attacked by you and your doppelgangers for month, and now you're surprised to find out he was a Democrat all along?

Or perhaps, Sykes was just a little nauseous. He may have just learned, before air time, that Obama had drawn some 80,000 people, while McCain can't even give away tickets to his announcement of a running mate.

Tip o'the crown to Caffeinated Politics.

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