Thursday, August 28, 2008

Whallah! Fever

I am afraid. Very afraid. It is my sad duty to announce that the Brew City Brawler is very ill.

He has apparently caught Election Season Fever, and has become delirious. Symptoms include writing Whallah!-type posts, but forgetting he is part of Whallah's writing team. Hopefully, it is not long term, and he will soon recover. In the meantime, may I direct your attention to these posts by the mighty, if ailing, Brawler:

Something is akilter in our great republic

Charlie Sykes hates Medicare, Pell Grants, CHIP and anti-discrimination laws

Charlie Sykes, Michelle Obama and funny laffs

Dear Charlie Sykes

Why is Charlie McCain so obsessed with teh gay?

Sadly, this fever is also highly contagious, and it has been contracted by the Other Side as well, who has some insight into the long sequestered, but not forgotten, Jessica McBride.


  1. I have seen McBride. She hasn't been heard from because she spends most of her day in a corner tucked in a fetal position.

    Before her on a flickering television screen is a loop of recent television appearances by her husband, who seems to be defending charges against anybody worthy of television in our Western viewer area.

    McBride rarely speaks. When she does, she mumbles to herself. If one gets close, he can barely make out the words...

    "Paul Loophole Bucher...Loophole Paul Bucher...Paul is looking for Paul, white prince, gone to the dark side...Loophole Paul Bucher...."

  2. Can't you just see her scribbling on the outside of her spiral notebook?



    Mrs PLB

    Jess and Mrs LPB

    Jessica Loophole Bucher

    Jessica Loophole Mcbride

    Jess Loophole-McBride

    Mrs J McBride Loophole

  3. Grumps:

    I'm glad you liked my humor, but a sad realization exists in the joke.
    That is my knowing that Sykes and his club, including McBride, have absolutely no concept of hypocricy.

    Therefore, they can applaud a campaign which ousts a judge because he defending clients when that was his job, without seeing any connection to Bucher doing the same now.

    They can praise Bush's "leadership" when Bush critisizes Putin saying, "you can't just invade a sovereign nation in the 21st century", while we remain muddled in Iraq after we invaded a sovereign nation in the 21st century.

    They can decry the "fairness doctrine" as an afront to free speach, while using careful screening and the mute button to limit the free speech of anyone who beats them on a debate point.

    That isn't funny.

    -Soft Words and Broad Swords-