Saturday, August 16, 2008

You Too Can Be PaddyMac

Newspapers across the country, including the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, are feeling the crunch of the poor economy and are laying off staff members right and left, although mostly from the left.

To fill the gap, MJS has been having people write their columns for free. How nice of them.

But apparently, they are having problems finding people that are willing to do their work for them for free. They have been plugging for community columnists for several days now, and have reached the point of being so desperate that they are even asking for help from McIlheran's readers.

So if you want to be the next PaddyMac, hurry and join. Or if you want to be correct, and not just right, you can join us here.

ADDENDUM: A friend of Whallah! has just notified me that MSJ may be paying the community columnists a nominal fee per column. The fee is small enough that it makes the gist of this post still true.


  1. I've got my sample columns ready to go: "McCain: Best Choice For Riverwest" and "Time To Reinstate The Death Penalty."

  2. I'm going to go with a reprint of an 1876 article in the "Lakota News": "Yellow Haired Man Slain While Attacking Camp was an Illegal Alien..."
    and, "Bucher's defense of criminals is different than when Loophole Louis did it because...."