Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Poisoned Political Environment

James Rowen has been busy.

When he is not championing ecological causes, or promoting good citizenship, he takes time to go after the squawkers.

He points out to the bad logic and bad typing of PaddyMac (wasn't Paddy supposed to be a spellchecker or something?). Perhaps Paddy would have been better taking on subjects he might have a chance on, like cream puffs.

He points out that both Chuckles and Limbo are nothing more than bloviating boors.

Then James takes it a little easy on himself with another cream puff, Kevin Fischer, and his regular use of irresponsible hyperbolic, histrionic rhetoric (got a dictionary, Kevin?).

Then he gives not just one, but two, posts on the schmuck know as Michael Savage. But we already knew Savage was a major league dumb-ass.

Which leads to one question for James: Why the heck aren't you blogging here yet?!?!?


  1. You mean Bitter Jim, the same guy who ran a talker off the air because she beat him out for a job once?

  2. I never knew that Rowen either worked for TMJ managment, or possessed McBride's body and made her say stupid things!