Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Whallah's Newest Contributor?

In a moment that would make any Whallah! contributor, Dad29 comes up with this:
The ultimate moron pontificates, cutting off callers by the handful.

"I'm not saying send troops. But we have only 3 days until we have to send troops."


His proposal?

Stop buying stuff from Russia. Like, for example, steel.

So we'll make our military goods from used Kleenex, I suppose.

You know, I'd offer Dad an invitation to join Team Whallah!, but I'm afraid he would accept...


  1. You discovered that you are a stopped clock, eh?


    There were two interesting things about Belling's rant-o-rama yesterday: 1) he couldn't get a lot of callers who would roll over and give him a tongue-bath (obviously, BillyBoy Kristol wouldn't call..) and 2) he simply cut off callers with real-life knowledge of the situation--going so far as to accuse one caller with a Slavic accent of being a Russophile instead of being an "American."

    Desperation substitutes for thought with him--quite a bit, actually.

  2. Let's see, Belling loves us in Iraq, we are in Afghanastan, and Belling said two weeks ago that we have to launch a preemptive strike against Iran. Now we should pick a fight with Russia.

    He also uses this Russia/Georgia conflict to shill for his man McCain, while seemingly failing to realize that the man he has been shilling for over the past eight years, Dubbaya, is the idiot who mismanaged Putin, and has spread our military so thin that we couldn't respond if we wanted to.

    My theory is that men without the backbone to engage in an actual fight (verbal tyrades against specially picked callers while Belling controls the mute button does not count) feel such an internal fear that they support any instance where other men may fight for them and defend their little cocoon.

    Of course, I have as little training to make a diagnosis as Belling has to discuss things military, so I might be wrong.

  3. Dad-

    You've just described all of AM talk radio, not just belling.


    You're not wrong. I have the training, and you're right on the money.

  4. Wrong, Cap.

    That's not the universal style. Sykes and Limbaugh allow some intelligent discussion. Some.

    Although Sykes did cut me off on the Stadium debate. Four years later he admitted that he was wrong.

  5. You prove my point. He cuts off a card-carrying dyed in the wool Conservative, and takes four years to realize he was wrong anyway?

    Do you think that he would let an articulate liberal on? Not likely. He is too insecure and knows that he is just laying the fertilizer anywho.