Monday, January 7, 2008

Will She Call Sykes Out On His Sexism?

Sykes put up two posts that are undeniably sexist. In one, he ridicules Senator Hillary Clinton for actually showing emotions, and compares it to a seen from Evita.

In the other, he links to a post by another right winger, and makes sure he includes a copy of of this picture:

Now this other blogger offers some convoluted theory on how this actress had an influence on Barrack Obama's campaign, because she didn't want to be maltreated by her former husband, Jack Ryan, a Republican from Illinois. (Surprisingly, Sykes doesn't refer to this post has brilliant or genius.)

SIDENOTE: To show why this post is neither brilliant nor genius, the Brawler confounds the nonsense with the facts in this here post.

Now that he has mocked one woman for being emotional, and has put up a sultry picture of Jeri Ryan, and linked to a post that knocked her for not wanting to be abused, will McBride call the sexism police on him?
ADDENDUM: The Nation of Pundits also take a look at the allegations that the problems of the world are supposedly women's fault.


  1. Where is Mrs. McBride gone to? Only three posts in almost two weeks. Is she running out of profound thoughts and insights? She used to be an endless source of them.

  2. Rather than engaging in liberal speculation I decided to contact Mrs. McB.

    See the results of my exclusive interview regarding her sabatical below.

    MS: Mrs. M, there is rampant speculation regarding your vanishment from the blogoworld, can you alucidate for us the reasons?

    Mrs. M:
    Cluck cluck cluck cluck

    MS: Thank you Mrs. M so your abstinence is a result of paresthesias (a/k/a laryngitis of the fingers)
    Can you tell us when we might expect to see more of you in BlogWorld?

    Mrs. M

    Cluck cluck cluck


    Oh well we get the picture

  3. Maybe she took Capper to heart:

    Sunday, December 2, 2007
    Even McBride Is Sick Of George Bush

    Many people have purchased things from this site. They add things to their blogsites, like a countdown clock to when the next president is sworn in.

    Even McBride must be ready to have a competent president in office, since she has added a countdown clock to next year's presidential election.

    She has been a busy person. She has also added a game and a link to live TV, as she has been revamping her site.

    The bad news is she still has her posts on it.

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  4. Now the Malkinistas have linked to and crashed the WPRI servers. One typically rabid commenter wonders when Obama will apologize to Jack Ryan and Jeri (and their child) for what he did to them.

    Two questions:

    Is there some kind of a Bizarro filter on reality over there in Malkinland?

    Does Mrs Bucher still clean the filter over at the WPRI think tank?

  5. I think maybe we need a "top ten" post for alternative names for the Wisconsin right-wing-o-sphere:

    Milwaukee's Stupider Media

    Milwaukee Conservative Chorus

    Milwaukee Circle of Jerks


  6. None of them are from or of Milwaukee. Don't smear my native city that way.

  7. John-

    I must say I still prefer my "right wing squawk brigade".