Monday, November 5, 2007


A couple of weeks ago, there was a bit of a to-do about Illusory Tenant and Jessica McBride and the use of a derogatory term. In the aftermath, Charlie Sykes criticized IT, Other Side and myself for choosing to use nom de blogs instead of our true names (even though Other Side does not keep his name a secret). He said that it added to the poor level of civility on the Internet and his followers echoed his sentiments in comment threads on this site and on IT's site. Ironically, most of the attacks for our maintaining our anonymity were from anonymous commentators.

It should not matter if we use our real names or pseudonyms. Many characters in history wrote under a nom de plume, and this was not considered to detract from the level of their work. Likewise, it should not affect the veritas of my writings or anyone else who chooses to remain anonymous. One will agree with what I write or not, whether they know my real name or not. Knowing my real name would not change their opinion.

Likewise, knowing one's name, doesn't necessarily add validity to what they write. Anyone who reads blogs could come up with a number of examples off the top of their head of a known blogger who is totally lacking in credibility and those who are anonymous that write honestly and intelligently.

But, for Charlie, a few recommendations. If my decision to remain anonymous upsets you, perhaps you should read a book called The End of Privacy: The Attack on Personal Rights at Home, at Work, On-Line, and in Court written by, oh yeah, Charlie Sykes. Or perhaps review your most recent book, especially the part about if you're offended, so what? Get over it.

But if Charlie really needs to have a moniker for me, perhaps he should just call me Liz Woodhouse.

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