Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Spelling is McBride's Achilles' heel

A friend of Whallah! sent us an email regarding this post on McBride's site.

Her title is "The Clinton Camp's achille's heel." Compare that to the title of this post. Would someone please tell her that when she writes a post, she'll notice, in the toolbar, a little checkmark with the letters ABC above it. That's a spellcheck.


  1. You're really not the one to make this point. Look up "they're" vs. "their" -- and "deity," too. And there have been so many more. . . .

    Hit her where she's hurting others, not where she just hurts herself. That has a way of hitting backatcha, huh?

  2. There is a wee bit of difference. First, I have never claimed nor do claim to be a professional journalist. Second, I will admit my errors. Thank you for pointing them out. The second error has been already corrected. Where is the first?