Sunday, November 25, 2007

Here's A Reminder

Now that we have stuffed ourselves with turkey, and survived another holiday weekend, it's back to work and school. But in between trying to catch up on the stuff that piled up over the long weekend, please make sure to take time and let TMJ know your feelings about l'affaire de Sykes, and that religious bigotry is not controversial, but an inappropriate action from a media outlet.

Here is the contact information:

Jon Schweitzer
Vice President/General Manager
Phone: 414-967-5521

Just remember to be polite, otherwise Mr. Schweitzer might think your applying for a job as a talk show host.


  1. Seriously guys, I'm with you most of the time, but don't you see that you are just playing into Sykes' hands here. You look silly here.

  2. Sorry, I have to agree. Sykes is loving this. This is a loser for us. It's a bumper sticker... don't we have bigger issues.

  3. You guys are absolutely right on target. let's defend our right to mock, ridicule, and demean Christianity.... but attack anyone who dares crticize any element of islam. Off with their heads!!!!

  4. I would rather we talk about Sykes's and McBride's hypocrisy, such as their serial adultery and war-mongering, and how that squares with how they then hold themselves as defenders of "religious" people.