Thursday, November 8, 2007

To Be Bigoted Or Not To Be Bigoted, That Is The Question

As was noted a couple of days ago, Mike Mathias of Pundit Nation and PaddyMac of Outer Space, were having a wee bit of a difference of opinions. Today, Other Side posted a conversation he had with old Patrick. The conversation is regarding Paddy's feigned umbrage at a contrived slight that only he perceived, and Paddy's hypocrisy regarding those that use bigoted and inappropriate terminology. It really is a must read.

And as Other Side mentions, it is really rather amazing that MSJ would allow someone to continue this kind of attitude, even if he doesn't do a clucking chicken noise.

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  1. Ask the Sentinel what McIlheran's qualifications are. He has none. He was a layout guy who struck the fancy of the Ted Haggard-ish managing editor, George Stanley, an even bigger fraud. McIlheran has never been a reporter, in Milwaukee or anywhere else, and his work reflects that. And, forgetting that he writes as if though he is channeling a fascist version of Ignatius Reilly, he apparently has no editor (though I wouldn't blame anyone for avoiding having to touch his spastic, prissy copy).