Wednesday, November 7, 2007

There Are Mandates, Then There Are Mandates

McBride, along with the rest of the right side of the blogosphere, is celebrating the failed refernda of various school systems. In her post, she cites a quote from the Hartford School Board President saying that they would have to come back at another time with another referendum. McBride responds to the quote with this:

Um, no, Ms. Carroll. The vote's a mandate to try something else - say cuts, efficiencies - not shove another referendum down people's throats.

Unfortunately, McBride's view of a mandate is rather myopic. She apparently forgets that last November, there was another mandate by the entire country. One that told the Bush misadministration that they should try something besides starting and perpetuating unjust wars, and not continuing to try to shove other wars down the people's throats.

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