Sunday, November 11, 2007

No, Jessica, THIS Is Satire

Sometimes McBride can really get on a roll, and manages to get absolutely nothing right. This post is a classic example. Let's look at it, shall we?

First, we have this paragraph:

Some liberal is apparently demanding that Patrick McIlheran remove Texas Hold Em blog from his blogroll because of a piece of strongly worded satire Peter posted. They are apparently implying Patrick shouldn't get to keep his job if he links to Peter.

Um, Jessica, the "some liberal" is Other Side. And he wasn't objecting to Tex's Hitlery post about Hillary Clinton (although he could have). The objection was to a post in which Tex called a group of Spanish-speaking people "chattering chihuahuas", a blatantly racist comment. If McBride were to actually read a liberal's post, she might have picked up on that. But then again, she might be afraid of being exposed to reality.

Then, McBride comes out with this:

Worry about your own blogrolls, liberals. Stop trying to destroy other people's careers by drumming up supposedly job-killing offense and faux outrage; focus on your own jobs.
Hmm, I wonder what Kevin Barrett would think of that advice coming from her? But McBride's not done yet:

Save your outrage for the people who use racial and sexual slurs, like Dog Chapman or Illusory Tenant.

As mentioned above, that is what Other Side was doing. Jessica, please stop doing your selective outrage. And learn to let go of things, would you?

But McBride's coup de grace (or in McBridean French: coop de grease) is this:

Otherwise, get over yourselves. It was SATIRE. It's not meant to be taken literally.
Satire is defined as: Irony, sarcasm, or caustic wit used to attack or expose folly, vice, or stupidity, per the American Heritage Dictionary. That would also be the perfect description of Whallah!'s approach to McBride and the rest of the right-wing local media. Instead, she labels us as an "abuse/hate blog". Go figure.

One would think that a person who is receiving tax dollars to allegedly teach college students journalism, would at least know the definitions of words, and how to use those words appropriately.


  1. Mind your own blogs? Why, it only seems like days ago that McBridge joined the Milwaukee Conservative Chorus complaining about the supposed lack of lefty response to the Sheboygan mayor situation.

    Let's recount: several did denounce his action, and no one stood up to support it.

  2. If McBride is worried about anyone ruining her career, she need look no further than a mirror. People who file these posts to a lefty blog are a self-selecting bunch, as are people on the right. Walk through the Journal Sentinel newsroom and see what her reputation is. Walk through the halls of the Waukesha County courthouse and ask embarrassed prosecutors and defense lawyers. Walk through the hallways of what counts as the UWM journalism department and ask about her m.o. She is held in low esteem by virtually anyone with whom she has had professional contact, and that's of her own doing. This Web site is entertaining, but McBride has threaded her own noose. Nice that she's got this close-knit community of navel-gazing rightists to fuel her self-pity, but the clock is running to the last grains on her relevancy.

  3. She needs to work on her sentence structure, at the least. Now Dog Chapman and Illusory Tenant are "slurs"?!