Monday, November 5, 2007

Selective Outrage

The right side of the blogosphere has itself in a tizzy about some conservative blogger in Sheboygan and her feud with the mayor of Sheboygan. Apparently, she has been going after the mayor for some time, and it is now boiling over when the mayor and city attorney sent her a cease and desist letter regarding her keeping a link to the Sheboygan Police Department's website. There have been some accusations going back and forth, regarding racism, strong arm tactics, and abuses of power. It is has become so prevalent that it garnered a post from Sykes, a series of posts from McBride, and some air time from Mark Belling.

Now, having only given the case at hand a preliminary examination, I think all would agree that the mayor was out of line with his actions. However, the right, especially McBride, are questioning why the left side of the blogosphere's haven't met their same level of frenzied outrage, and wonder if the left actually condones the mayor's actions.

Curiously, the right did not have the same outrage when former State Senator Tom Reynolds and friends tried to use strong arm tactics on lefty blogger Gretchen Schuldt of Milwaukee Rising, when she was being a citizen blogger and investigating possible campaign violations from Reynolds failed bid to be re-elected.

Nor do I remember the outrage at Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke when he abused his position and authority in trying to strong arm deputies who didn't agree with him, or actively opposed his actions, even though they did so on their own time.

In fact, instead of outrage, Clarke was praised as was Reynolds, who McBride actually called "untouchable".

The left might not have reached the fevered zeal of the right regarding the Sheboygan blogger, but at least they weren't as selective with their outrages.

UPDATE: According to various right-wing blogsites, the Sheboygan blogger is now receiving legal assistance in her case--the famous trial lawyer, Paul Bucher. One can only hope that he serves her better than he did the citizens of Waukesha County.

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  1. Don't fall into that trap. Too many liberal bloggers fall for that rightie trick. To acknowledge, condemn is to take as your own. That is why the righties don't apologize for Coulter.

    This reminds me of all those so called liberal bloggers apologizing because some left of center blogger called a rightie women a bad name.