Saturday, November 17, 2007

Would Someone Please Give Her A Dictionary?

UPDATE: Jay Bullock has added his own take on McBride's new-found interest in women's issues.

Once again, McBride uses her astounding control of selective outrage (doesn't she know any other way to argue?), to complain about the way Hillary Clinton was treated. This time, she is stating that the media is using sexism in picking their questions to Senator Clinton:

This was the nails-on-chalkboard question of Thursday's Democratic presidential debate. It was also, arguably, sexist. They ask the female candidate about jewelry????!
One must wonder if she knows the meaning of the word sexism. After all, it was her that posted about how "hot" Fred Thompson's wife is (her opinion, not necessarily Whallah!'s) and what kind of impact that would have on his campaign.

Then she gets confused on the meaning of the word feminism (apparently she thinks women's rights mean they're always right):

...If they're going to plant a question, at least make it a good one. Like,

Hillary, since you claim to support women's rights, do you think Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey were telling the truth?


  1. Was it sexism when they asked Bill Clinton the boxers or briefs question?

  2. Well, as a woman, I have to take this back to the jewelry question. If any of you boys want to question "my credentials" as a feminist--ask my husband or son.
    Now, my 84 yr old, pro-choice, super lefty mother and I were watching the debate and both noticed the sparkling jewelry and commented on how she must have gotten a great birthday present from Bill. We like diamonds. A lot. That does not make us geisha like Stepford wives (ask hubby).
    In regards to women, sexism and feminist thought; women hurt women more than men in many cases. Crying rape or using false acusations are not new to the world and have done much harm to women in the past. This so called writer is a prime example. Her bringing up salcious allegations,which hold very little water for me, from women who had not acted before the Starr crusade is anti-feminist at it's height. To put the behavior of anyone other than Hillary in the spotlight is to diminish Hillary as a person in her own right. And to use Bill is an example of how she puts emphasis on the male(husband)over the female(wife). Does she ask about the wives of any other candidates or just comment on their hottieness?