Monday, November 19, 2007

Denial Isn't Just A River In Egypt

McBride, for all her quirks and foibles, can do one thing better than anyone else. She knows how to hold on to a grudge.

In this post, she again brings up l'affaire d'Illusory Tenant. This is spurred by a post by Kathy Carpenter who reports that IT called her a name on her site. Of course, both events happened last month. Also, IT had offered an apology, which McBride accepted. But she refuses to let it go. As with her selective outrage, this, too, is old news.

But, Whallah! would like to point out the comments thread on this post. Our friend, Other Side, points out to McBride that the vitriol and venomous attacks are not a trademark of just some liberal bloggers, but also many on the right side of the cheddarshpere. He also points out that the liberal bloggers in question have apologized for their poor choice of words and personal attacks, which is more than can be said for her cohorts. To this, McBride replies:

I've never called anyone anything even remotely analygous (sic) to the C word or B word.

If they had a conscience, they wouldn't say it in the first place.

No, she has never said anything to apologize for...certainly not this, nor this, nor this, not this one either, nor this. And this was just in the past six weeks, almost the same length of time she has been holding onto her grudge against IT. And this list does not nearly cover a fraction of her transgressions. There is still the names that she has call xoff, Whallah!, and a cast of thousands of others.

(By the way, Jessica, the word you mispelled is analogous.)

Addendum: Isn't it ironic that McBride and company, who are constantly criticizing Senator Clinton for "playing the sexist card", continuously play it themselves. As stated before, Whallah! doesn't care about the gender (or race or religion). We only concern ourselves for what is written. If this bothers some people, like Charlie likes to say, "Get over it."


  1. Good god almighty. Thanks for pointing this out, as I wouldn't have seen it otherwise.

    If I recall correctly, the KK person was bitching about Jimmy Carter, because Jimmy threw a hissy fit at some Sudanese functionaries.

    What I said was Carter was being a bitch, but at least Carter's octogenarian status, inter alia, confers on him the right to be a bitch.

    Since when does calling Jimmy Carter a bitch make me a misogynist? Sorry, but there ain't no so-called "gender specific" dog in this hunt.

    So should I expect an apology for being called a misogynist? No, and I don't want one. Let the babies have their bottles.

    What the hell do any of them maintain blogs for in the first place, if not to bitch about stuff.

    This fake outrage is ridiculous.

  2. IT-

    You know as well as the rest of us, when they don't have an argument, they pull a distraction routine, like their faux outrage, to take the heat off of themselves. The sad part is that we too often let them.