Tuesday, November 27, 2007

McBride, The Hypocrite Files

McBride, in this post, comes to the defense of her role model, Ann Coulter. It appears She With The Adam's Apple The Size Of Pluto is getting some minor crank mail from people that are unhappy with her, and she wants to keep her mansion's address unpublished. (Probably to help with her multiple voting, no doubt.)

McBride writes (with misspellings included):

A political pundit's personal sphere (read: their home) should be off limits. Period. Go after Ann Coulter in the public sphere where she plys (sic) her intellectual wares (or whatever you choose to call them) if you want. But stay out of her private phere.

How would anyone like it if political opponents showed up outside their home or sent letters to their home address? Deranged. Creepy.

Normally, this would be an understandable and common sense thing to say. But let me remind the gentle reader of an incident not too long ago, when McBride and her good buddy Michele Malkin talked about a young lad with severe brain damage. Just to make sure some kids didn't get health insurance, some right wing bloggers stalked this boy and his family, and then made egregious falsehoods about them.

Now let's reread that second sentence from McBride. Is it me, or did she just call Malkin and herself deranged and creepy? Hmmm, maybe she is right this time...

On a side note, our own Other Side points out that a blocker won't allow the link on McBride's site. For those with similar problems, the link is to perezhilton.com. It does come with adult language and links to, shall we say, adult web sites. Where does McBride go for her news?

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