Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's Funny How These Things Happen

About a month ago, Illusory Tenant did a verbal faux pas. The indignant, self-righteous McBride, joined by a host of other right-wing bloggers and Sykes, himself, lambasted him for this slip of the keyboard (ironically, they're the ones now complaining about the "politically correct police). Whallah! caught some of the backlash, and this prompted the current expansion of Whallah! to not just cover McBride, but all of the local conservative media.

Then, like manna from heaven, Sykes hands us l'Affaire de Sykes. This caused a flurry of blogging, linking and more blogging. Which leads us to where we are today. Where is that you ask? And even if you didn't, I'll tell you anyway.

Whallah!, in the most recent BNN poll, is ranked as the fourth most influential blogsite for this week. Here are the ratings, with the previous week's rating in parentheses:

1 (1) Texas Hold'Em Blogger
2 (3) Dad29
3 (2) McBride's Media Matters
4 (-) Whallah!
5 (12) Badger Blogger
6 (20) The Political Environment
7 (-) Pundit Nation
8 (-)
9 (9) Real Debate Wisconsin
11 (15) Boot and Sabers
12 (-) The World According to Nick
13 (6) An Ol' Broad's Ramblings
14 (-) Stepping Right Up!
15 (10) The Right Side of Wisconsin
16 (16) Charlie Sykes
17 (-) The Still Spinnin Blog
18 (-) Marquette Warrior
19 (7) No Runny Eggs
20 (-) silent E speaks

Now, we all know that this doesn't mean anything. BNN has some goofy formula that probably has to do with how many posts, how many views, how many links, ad nauseum and then they decide on some arbitrary rating scale.

But it does mean something to some people. When the megalomaniacal McBride was number one, she had the tag listed proudly on the side of her blog. The second it dropped to #11, she dropped the tag. (When this was pointed out, she dropped the tag altogether.) I will admit to taking a certain guilty pleasure in thinking of her sputtering mad when she sees that no only has she dropped a step, but that "lefty abuse/hate blog" is right behind her "righty abuse/hate blog".

But what had me rolling on the floor was the thought of the egomaniacal Sykes twelve full spots behing Whallah!. I could see the veins popping, the eyes bulging, and his face turning twelve shades of purple.

It was good to see James Rowen and Team Mathias on the list, but until more lefty sites are up there, you know it's not for real.

I would also like to thank our readers and my co-contributors for getting us where we are, for whatever it's worth. The next round of Millers is on me.

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