Monday, November 5, 2007

Question Of The Day

If those that subjegate themselves to Rush Limbaugh's show call themselves "Dittoheads", would those that feed off of Charlie Sykes be known as "Chuckleheads"?


  1. Let me get this straight: this is a site devoted to maing fun of Jessica McBride's stupidty and this is the best you guys can come up with.... calling each other "chuckleheads"????? Are you guys skipping out of 7th grade today?

  2. Are readers of capper called "Capperheads"?

    Well, there are two types of readers, Anony 12:52. The ones that agree or can rationally argue a point are intellectually-honest, reality-based individuals. The others, like you and the other anony, are Chuckleheaded trolls.

  3. Capper, there are really three types of readers.

    Those who are good at math, and those who aren't.