Thursday, November 8, 2007

Charlie And His Bookmobile

Boots and Kittens is a hilarious spoof of Owen Robinson's Boots and Sabers blogsite. However, it is not Owen, or his wife, Wendy, that this post is about.

Instead, the author of the post, John Foust, does a direct hit on Charlie with a perfect rendition that is probably closer to reality than parody. The post is titled It’s Time for a Few Thousand Automated Phone Calls and the particular passage reads:

I figured that since Dr. Herdrich really seemed to want the message to get out because she sent her message to the media in West Bend, perhaps she would want a larger audience. I'm so clever, don't you think? So I sent the above to Charlie Sykes, who had spent some time covering the story yesterday. He didn't have anything else to talk about. He thought it was worthy of your time, so he talked about it this morning.

Charlie is so nice and kind, just like he is on the radio! He dropped off an autographed copy of his book the other day. He said the publisher decided to make an extra-special print run of extra copies of the book just for Charlie. And he was right, just like always! His truck was chock-full of cases and cases of perfectly new books! And Charlie, sweet Charlie, was driving around town giving them away to his friends.


  1. Thanks for the review! The jokes almost write themselves. I read Owen and Wendy's prose, I hear their voices in my head, and I add a little here and there. Sometimes it's tough to differentiate between the real and the parody.

    For example, when Widgerson pointed to B&K in his post "I love this website", he thought Recess Supervisor's words were a funny parody, but in fact they were just RS's own words.

  2. John-

    It is my pleasure to read your site, but I do have some concerns.

    Be careful about hearing voices...that is where many conservatives seem to get their material from.

    And you need to obtain an old post with comments from Mickey, before he too was banned. He is a classic.