Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dishonest like the Founding Fathers

As mentioned previously, it's difficult to capture all that's wrong with Jessica McBride's potentially classic post "Coexisting and phony soldiering."

But just to throw out one more example ... take her lede. Please!

Some liberals don't want to coexist with conservative ideas. Sum up the latest faux liberal outrage, and you reach this inescapable conclusion: They don't feel they can win on the battlefield of ideas. So, they seek to destroy their opponents with dishonest guerrilla warfare.

I'm not going to address the first two points, made as they are by someone who, if memory serves, has never advanced any particular new analysis or idea in her blog. Or who couldn't figure out the joke that every Giuliani sentence had three parts: Noun, verb and 9/11.

But the last sentence struck the Brawler, as Jessica seems to say there's something inherently dishonest with guerrilla warfare. Or is there honest and dishonest guerrilla war? Not sure how you would parse that.

Anyway, the Brawler seems to recall reading that the outnumbered and outgunned Founding Fathers engaged in guerrilla warfare against the British. He also seems to recall reading that the Brits complained that the patriots fought like Indians or something along those lines.

Apparently she agrees with the redcoat analysis.

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  1. Well, the patriots did wear blue, right? I guess that would put us in good standing then.