Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jessica: Apart from my boss, everyone thought I did a great job!

Capper and Kay, the Brawler's comrades in hate blogging, have given Jessica McBride's perspective on the Coexist conflagaration more than its due. But the Brawler just couldn't resist pointing out one gem.

Jessica, once again, defends the broadcast in which she used the shooting death of Jasmine Owens in part of a comedy bit (broadly defined) to attack Eugene Kane. She just can't pass up the opportunity to play the martyr. Here's what she says.

They phony soldier'd me, trying to make it sound like I'd made fun of a little girl's death when I was actually saying her death was a crisis and was making fun only of Eugene Kane for refusing to debate anything on my show. To date, not a single person who's not working at Journal Communications or writing a liberal blog has ever registered offense over it.

Which only underscores the fact that folks in Merton are really polite. And that no one, really no one, was listening to her awful radio show ... which justified John "Bashing Muslims is just all right with me" Schweitzer in his move to fire her.

Word to Jessica's students: It pays not to piss off your boss! Because even if your parents think you're doing a great job, it doesn't matter!

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