Sunday, November 18, 2007

What Church Does He Go To?

Even the most casual reading of Harris's blogsite, or a passing moment listening to his radio show (whenever they decide to air it) would reveal that Harris considers himself to be a man of faith. He often states how he feels that many of the troubles in today's world would be cleared up, if only God was allowed into the hearts and lives of people.

Whallah! strongly believes in the right of the person to worship whichever deity they choose, in whichever manner works for them. That said, Whallah! also wonders which church Harris goes to. I have not heard many people of faith say the things he does, and then goes on to mock the governor of Georgia when he prays for rain. Nor do I know of any religions that would condone calling a young lady a "ho" and posting pictures of the young lady in rather sexy pictures.

And then they wonder why people mock their religions.

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