Thursday, November 15, 2007

We Are Not Alone

Whallah! often ponders why McBride is allowed to teach at UWM. Just as often, Whallah! ponders what she teaches at UWM. We are not the only ones.

Michael Horne, at Milwaukee World, did a lot of work and found out some of the names of staff members of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that have chosed to take a buy out from the paper. He then shares that list of names with us.

Our McBride posts on the list, and links to Mr. Horne's site, but gives acknowledgement, in the form of a hat tip, to James Widgerson. She later tries to explain it away as that she saw it first on Widgerson's blogsite. As is her wont, she not only fails to apologize, take responsibility for her error, and fix it, but chooses to get defensive and snarky about it. The best part, though, is in the comments thread, in which Mr. Horne confronts McBride on her faux pas:

Why the hell are you hat-tipping "Wiggy" when I'm the one who wrote the damned thing? How disingenuous. I'm ready for a hat-tip "Horney(sic)."I did the research, and that should count for something. Are your standards of attribution the norm for what is taught in journalism schools nowadays? Horne

Mr. Horne, we share your concern.


  1. Actually, it's not "Horney(sic)" I actually wrote "Horney," as it is my knickname equivalent of "Wiggy."

    But most folks, (including my brothers) simply call me "Horne." You can pronounce the "e" or not, as you wish.

    Thank you for posting this item, and for your vigilance on behalf of those who believe in substantive discourse on issues of public concern.

  2. The real question that occurred to me is why McBride didn't have this story first. Don't any of her former JS colleagues talk to her any more?

  3. She has one friend there, and no one trusts that person as a result.