Wednesday, November 21, 2007

TMJ Is OK With Hate-mongering

Tim Cuprisin must have heard the Brawler's call to duty, and started to post some pieces on the Sykes Folly on his website. In his first posting, he does an objective overview of the situation. Be sure to read the comments. They are very telling.

In his second posting, he reports on an interview he had with Jon Schweitzer, the general manager of TMJ and Charlie's boss. (Salutations to Mr. Cuprisin for this bit of actual journalism, something increasingly rare at MSJ.) Mr. Cuprisin writes, quoting Mr. Schweitzer:

"We support Charlie, just as we do anytime that he writes about or discusses sensitive topics that are likely to incite pretty heavy feelings. This is one of those sensitive areas. It deserves to be discussed, and needs to be discussed."

"What do I think about it? I guess everybody has the right to disagree and be offended if that’s really what the issue is. We also have the right as a radio station to discuss sensitive issues and topics, and this is one of those.”

Before I say anything that would give the right a tool to distract the attention away from the message, I will simply go back to James Rowen, who writes:

Sykes and WTMJ and Journal Communications want that fight?

Charlie says he's drawing the line in the sand. Is management really willing to stand there with him? Over a stupid bumper sticker and the loyalty of a few righty bloggers, and a fake fight over political correctness, which is as subjective as you can get?

Secondly, in case it gets forgotten, Charlie was among those leading the recent charge against Miller Brewing for its use of Last Supper imagery in ad for a Gay Rights celebration that people like Charlie found offensive.

You know what? I thought it was offensive, too. I was surprised at Miller's foolishness. It was not carefully thought out. People in those positions need to think beyond the dollar sign.

To this I could only add one morsel. About a month ago, Charlie went on the air, calling Illusory Tenant, Other Side and myself cowards for choosing to be anonymous (even though Other Side isn't). How brave is Charlie for hiding behind the skirts of Mama TMJ, with their deep pockets and platoons of attorneys, yelling insults at other people, like a spoiled child?

If you wish to tell Mr. Schweitzer how much you 'appreciate' the chance "discuss this sensitive topic", (and please do be polite) his contact information is:

Jon Schweitzer
Vice President/General Manager
Phone: 414-967-5521

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