Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hitting Her Stride

Six months ago, Template, the founder of Whallah! made an observation about how conservatives, especially McBride, make personal attacks when they cannot argue a point on its merits (in this case it was James Rowen).

In August, Jay Bullock, in a discussion of McBride's arguments against the Fairness Doctrine wrote "...a perfect example of what for most people would be mind-splittingly painful cognitive dissonance".

In the same month, I noted that she isn't strong in the logic department.

Now, McBride rides to the defense of her former BFF, Charlie Sykes, and his Coexist gaffe.

WARNING: Do not read her post without having an economy size bottle of aspirin and/or a liter of hard liquor at hand.

McBride is hitting on all cylinders in this post. It has her tortured reasoning, circuitous logic, her personal attacks, her bringing up old (and I do mean old) grudges (Jim Rowen again, as well as being fired from TMJ), and her uniquely incoherent, disjointed and tangential thought processes.
She also only links to other conservatives or a Whac-a-mole game. I mean really, who could argue with someone who links to a Whac-a-mole came as support for her point?

SIDENOTE I: In Sykes post, he links to this post as an update, showing how desperate he really is for help in this matter.

The most egregious part of McBride's post is that she has obviously never read any of the liberal posts about this matter. This is evident due to the fact that she only parrots and distorts the arguments that the other conservative bloggers have tried, and have failed with. To this, she adds her own paranoiac perceptions.

In other words, she doesn't research the facts of the case, but takes the incorrect opinions of others, adds her own made up facts, stirs well and Whallah!-a classic McBridean post. And to think she teaches journalism, it makes one shudder at the thought of what the news will look like in the future. It makes George Orwell's worst nightmare look like a walk in the park.

If this is what Sykes has going for him as defense, he's in big trouble.

SIDENOTE II: In the comments section the valiant Other Side makes a heroic effort at the Herculean task of introducing reality to the post. Unfortunately, McBride's powerful delusions kept that from happening.

SIDENOTE III: In her next post, she states that she saw one of the original COEXIST bumper stickers on a car at UWM. She makes a snide comment about it. The only thing that McBride doesn't know or doesn't care about is that these bumper stickers have been out for quite a while, and many people, from all over Milwaukee County and southeast Wisconsin have them on their cars. She is not onto something new.


  1. Would it offend anyone if I said Jessica McBride wouldn't make a pimple on Jim Rowen's rear end?

    I hope so.

  2. Xoff-

    Would it be better to treat her with anti-acne medication or Preparation H?

  3. First, you forgot to tell me to arm myself with booze before checking out her ranting, which I am holding against you.
    Second, it's so overwhelming to take apart because virtually every paragraph she wrote is filthy with distortions. I'm going to skip the whole she compares Ann Coulter to Bill Maher(comedian) and later compares Ann Coulter to Maureen Dowd in a response to a question I posed to her........comedian versus a writer for the NYT? Maher is pretty clever and political, but come on.......
    What I did find really interesting was her mini rant on the COEXIST bumper sticker and the previous prank of switching out the Star of David with a swastika and her explanation of the satirical humor of it. You see she suggests that the "prank" was to point out that Jews cannot expect to live with Muslims---while assuming the cresent moon and star only represent radical Islam (a big fat lie). Now, here's the joke on her and those twits she was defending. I really like that bumper sticker and keep forgetting to buy one for myself. I figured this was a good time to look around and see if I could find the original designer & buy from there. Get this. It's a Polish artist, Piotr Mlodozeniac. And, guess where this piece of art is on display? The Museum on the Seam for Dialogue, Understanding, and Coexistence in Jerusalem. Seems Israelis pretty much like the idea and design, so much so they bought it and promoted it. You can check out the museum here
    and the history of the design here
    So, uh, exactly which Jews are they protecting from their own choice in art?