Saturday, November 24, 2007

Belling on Hunting, or How Stupid Can One Man Be?

Mark Belling, great white hunter, writes on November 21, 2007 (there will be no linking to this idiot)

About 650,000 armed men have been roaming around Wisconsin the last few days.
Yet there are no reports of any of them killing each other intentionally and, as of Monday, only one had died in an accident. Yet, we are lectured over and over by the liberal apologentsia that the reason there’s so much violence in urban America is because of easy access to guns. Yeah, then how come the deer hunters aren’t killing each other?

Gee, only one death by accident and he shows so much compassion in the way he refers to it, I'm sure the family appreciates that. Urban violence and deer rifles? I do believe there are not very many urban shooting involving deer rifles. Most deer hunters keep their precious guns locked up and don't live in urban areas. Why aren't deer hunters killing each other? Oh, wild guess here, but I'm going with they're looking for deer not each other.
In fact, Wisconsin’s deer hunt is everything Milwaukee’s central city isn’t. Despite the often heavy drinking, inevitable tensions between close family members, squabbles over who has a right to hunt where, pressure to get the big buck and the sheer firepower of the average deer rifle, incidents almost never occur. As of Monday evening, there was a lone single fatal accident.
Hey, Bingo! He got one right. Deer hunting is everything Milwaukee's central city is not. Deer hunting is a sport that began not as a sport but as a way of surviving, feeding one's family. It grew into a sport by grandfathers, fathers, uncles and brothers teaching young men the ethos of hunting safely and with the right intentions. It truly was a right of passage for many young men into manhood. Men who had fathers, grandfathers, uncles and brothers who taught gun safety, and provided a stable environment for these young men to mature in. Not exactly the norm in urban areas. Sad, but true.
Then he brings up heavy drinking, okay, I get that. But, then he brings up family tensions, squabbles, and the pressure to bag the big one.........WhoTF does he hunt with, Cheney? Or is this what hunting is like for conservatives? Because I have to say that I come from a hunting family. And, we've all listened to many a hunting story and none of them included family tensions--hangovers from the drinking-ah, yeah, someone getting lost, the lost deer because it got too dark to follow the blood trail (bow), and of course "you wouldn't believe how far I had to drag that thing", all ones I've heard. Hell, most of the guys take the Sheepshead and Cribbage as seriously as the hunt and I've always had the feeling that the whole sport is really a great excuse for male bonding while not using that phrase. Pressure to bag the big one? Now days the limits are so high you can just about shoot anything that has white on it's tail.
How he relates the use of shot guns and rifles for hunting as an example of there not being too many guns circulating in society is beyond me. And, if you're talking about gun violence in urban areas, you're talking about a completely different gun consumer and you can't tell me gun makers don't know exactly who's buying their guns. Not one single manufacturer of anything in the world hasn't spent a bundle on consumer research. So, what sells guns in mass quantities to the law abiding citizen besides hunting...fear. The gun makers allow the distribution of too many guns if their only target market intention is responsible users. We see city violence reported in the media and the gun sales go up. Because after the hunter and the rare target shooter what you have left is people living in fear of all those "surplus guns" and criminals. It's like low level war profiteering. Sell the weapons to both sides and wait for the sales to go up.
I wonder what his commission was from the NRA for this little rant? Oh, and again he refers to the lone accident as if only one life is so insignificant. Maybe to him.

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