Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Dolt29 put up a post today about coathanger abortions. I'm sure he felt it was a strong argument against coat hangers or something, else he wouldn't post it. What he did do, whatever his intent may be, is prove himself to be capable of great insensitivity, and a general misunderstanding of women, and of mental health issues.

It's not the first time his insensitivity has shown through. He made the assertion that women in the military were being raped because they were women in the military. This the same miscreant that also seemed OK with a Christian cult in Texas to groom young girls to be sexually abused by much older men. Seems to be like a rationalization for misogyny, using the Church. But I digress.

He cites some site named "CosmoLiturgy" which makes the presumptuous claim that coathanger abortions are a myth, and the symbology of it was used by those dang liberals to justify abortion. I won't get into the whole abortion issue in this post, but it needs to be pointed out that the fabled folkbum proved that the assertion that coathanger abortions are a reality, whether or not the right wants to admit it.

What is equally as bad, if not worse, is the way he miscontstrues a serious psychiatric illness. He quotes the cited source:
Those who develop a Borderline Personality Disorder are predominately angry women (with histories of sexual abuse) who are consciously or subconsciously driven to deliver a hurtful revenge onto others. They typically have poor self images and are consequently highly sensitive to rejection and constantly haunted by the fear of being abandoned. As a result, they are willing to take drastic measures to avoid loneliness and solitude, which can often include self mutilation, suicide threats and attempts.

He then adds his own little quip:
It's a grown-up version of the 2-year-old's temper tantrum (albeit for
those who were abused, it is differently-caused.)

First of all, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a serious illness, with its own set of diagnostic criteria set forth by the DSM-IV. It can be caused not only by being sexually abused, but also by genetics and natural chemical imbalances in the brain. It also has many symptoms besides self-mutilation. These can include:
  • Impulsive and risky behavior, such as risky driving, unsafe sex, gambling sprees or taking illicit drugs
  • Strong emotions that wax and wane frequently
  • Intense but short episodes of anxiety or depression
  • Inappropriate anger, sometimes escalating into physical confrontations
  • Difficulty controlling emotions or impulses
  • Suicidal behavior
  • Fear of being alone

As you can see, nothing to be trifled with, and definitely more than a "temper tantrum". Most of the people with BPD that I've worked with did the cutting not only for attention, but to remind themselves that they are real, else they become too disconnected from the real world. Another reason was that they found the physical pain easier to deal with than the emotional suffering they are experiencing.

On a sidenote: I can find no indication that "Caenis Syndrome" is even a formally recognized psychiatric diagnosis.

As I said earlier, I am not going into the whole abortion issue. He thinks it's wrong, and I can respect that. I don't personally necessarily disagree with that view, but that's for another time, another place.

What I do resent, and will not allow to pass, is when someone feels the need to minimize people with mental illnesses, of any sort, to justify their inexplicable need to oppress women, children, or anyone else. No matter their ulterior motives may be.

Dad, I don't know what your issues are, or if it's just some part of the Catholic indoctrination, or what, but you really ought to knock the crap off, before someone calls you "Dipshit29".

Oops, too late.

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