Friday, June 6, 2008

If Only Someone Was In Charge

Scott Walker took time out of his busy day to privatize another email to Charlie. Scott thinks that things are "Out of Control!" in Milwaukee. He makes a call for change, dammit, change.

We need the public to help identify these criminals.
We need judges to
crack down and give these criminals hard sentences in the state prison system.
We need parents who hold their children accountable.
We need church and
civic leaders who demand that teenagers stop having children before they are
We need a greater sense of personal responsibility and we need it

"If only," Scott laments, "we had leaders to show us the way."
I, for one, am ready to stand with the Sheriff and the Police Chief and any
other leaders who are willing to crack down on crime and restore public safety
throughout our community.

Um, Scott. You are and have been in charge for a while now. Whatcha been doin'?

Maybe a little less "Standing ready" and a little more "Leading" is called for. Maybe taking less time from your day to write emails to radio shows would be helpful.

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