Thursday, June 26, 2008

This Is Why We Need Licensing

Charlie Sykes was on another one of his irresponsible tirades today, asking why should taverns and liquor stores even be required to be licensed. His brilliant solution was to deregulate the whole business. He couldn't understand why there would need to be some kind of control in this regard.

Obviously, he must have forgotten about all the shootings that have been happening at bars and nightclubs, even though he sure mentions them enough. He also must think things like this story is just dandy:

Man pleads guilty to killing West Allis couple

A 49-year-old Franklin man who killed a husband and wife on their way to a family gathering on Christmas has pleaded guilty to two counts of homicide by intoxicated use of a motor vehicle.

Gary Kitchen, 53, and his wife, Barbara, 52, of West Allis, were standing outside their truck when a van driven by Eddie Lynn Keck struck them. Keck had been drinking for hours at a nearby tavern just before he struck the Kitchens, according to court records. Witnesses said he could barely walk when he left the tavern, according to the records.

Keck told police he was looking for his cell phone on the floor of his van when the accident occurred. He said he thought he hit a mailbox and did not stop.

Sentencing has been set for July 24.


  1. This is pure pandering to people Sykes believes vote Republican, for a lot of dumb assed reasons.

    When you think of it much of the gassing that goes on under the auspices of this show used to relegated to bars.

    Tell me at the risk of making your head hurt. Could you imagine elitist wine-snob Sykes going into a tavern? Wrap your brain around that. I am sure off air he would be avoiding many of his loyal listeners like the plague.

    I am going to see if I can throw more about this tonight on the site.

  2. This is what Charlie said:
    "Here's a radical idea. Instead of banning aldermanic privilege being used in the issuing of liquor licenses, how about simply banning liquor licenses being granted by politicians?"

    Odd that what you say he said paints an entirely different picture.

  3. Anony,

    What is odd is that you cherry pick one line and ignore the rest of his entire screed.

    If you look at only one pixel, you'll miss the whole picture.

  4. Capper - I did not listen to the show so after I read your blog I went to Charlie's podcast and cut and pasted the title.

    So it's even more odd to me that what you say he said paints an entirely different picture now.

    Are you saying the title to his podcast mischaracterizes the content?

  5. Chirp,chirp, chirp...

  6. Anony-

    Weren't you ever taught not to judge a book by it's cover? The same principle holds true for blogs and their titles, in case you weren't aware.

  7. Good point - so I listened to his podcast and the title matches the content.

    I would think Charlie Sykes provides so much to blog about that mis-characterizing his rants would not be necessary.

  8. You were either practising selective hearing, or you did not listen to the whole thing. He did question why there was a need for a liquor license in the first place.

    As you said, he gives ample ammunitions, so why would I have to make anything up?