Friday, June 13, 2008

Fischer's Ox Must Be Safely Away

Because he doesn't much care for his neighbors. He rants about proposed limits on yard sales.
Based on the recommendations of some bureaucrat who has nothing better
to do than to try to justify his position, the city of Racine is considering
imposing all sorts of restrictions on rummage sales because, as everyone knows,
if there’s any unscrupulous activity the public’s involved in that needs
thorough government regulation, it’s the yard sale.

Racine wants to limit when you can hold the sales, how many days you
can drag your trinkets out onto your own yard, and restrict the signage you put
up to promote your attempt to sell your wares.

You can’t make this stuff up, it’s laughable.

It's clear that Fischer doesn't get out much or pay much attention if he does. All it takes to get a law passed is a few people to act like pigs. Kev's apparently not seen a yard looking like a flea market for 4 days a week for the 16 weeks of Summer.

There are one or two places in every village and more in every city that turns the yard into Maxwell street for the season and turns the street into their own private parking lot.

If you want to have one or even two yard sales a year I say, "Welcome to the headaches." I'll be attending yours instead of running my own. But if you want to turn this into a flea market or a car lot I'll be saying, "No thanks. This is a residential neighborhood."

What is it about these guys and zoning laws?

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  1. More Kevinisms:
    He blasts Doyle with this headline: "Did Doyle daddle while Wisconsin was getting flooded?"

    This is close to a Whallah moment, as he meant dawdle.

    Then there is the routine Republican error in another headline about the Democrat Party.

    And what's with kevin's food obsessions? His food rules? His restaurant ratings?

    How does he have time for all this "writing" and also writing Lazich's blog (her recent posts by Kevin suggest she is in town), and other staff work?