Friday, June 20, 2008

Reason #4,814 To Be Ashamed Of Texas

Check out the button for sale at the Texas GOP convention.

There are others just as big-tenty.


  1. Dang grumps. That was on the internet LAST year. So one yahoo is going to make an ass of himself, and you condemn an entire state? Hmmm....

  2. Check the date on the News story, Kate. This happened at this year's Texas GOP convention. If you're right and it's a repeated event then so much the worse for them.

  3. no no misunderstood. I saw the pin or whatever it's suppose to be posted someplace on the internet. Texas had nothing to do with it. Just some idjit who thought he'd, or she, would make a quick buck.

    I would guess someone thought it was funny, although I just think it's kind of dumb. There are way too many other reasons NOT to vote for B.

  4. kate, I've given up trying to fight the Texas-hate. The legacy of W may be too much to overcome for quite some time, even if he really is from Connecticut.

  5. The "Texas-hate"? I'm afraid I don't get your connection. Bush has been president for less than 8 years, yet he's "tarnished" an entire state"? Oddly enough, I'm not being sarcastic. I honestly don't understand.

    I also don't understand the BDS, but hey, that's for another day. :)

  6. Maybe it's the "Reason #4,814 To Be Ashamed of Texas" header on the post. I've also had a sort-of-running deal with capper about Texas.

    And hey, maybe I'm just being overly sensitive. There's always that. For old farts like me, we still remember getting blamed for JFK.

  7. Oh, I remember that all too well....being an actually native of Dallas. sigh....

  8. Okay, then. Let's start a list and see how close we can get.

    1 Tom DeLay
    2 Jack Ruby
    3 Aggie worship
    4 Lone Star Beer
    5 Boot Scootin'
    6 The Branch Davidians
    7 Wayward polygamists
    8 Marfa Lights
    9 Friday Night Lights
    10 Pearl Light Beer


  9. Pfft! Maybe you should put me on that list? :/ How 'bout my sister? She's actually a moonbat though... conspiracy nut type. Although she does work 12 hours a day...for the gubmint.

    Hmmm... grumps, I guess you must hate Wisconsin too? I mean judging from that list and all....

  10. Shall we start a list of leftie bad pins?

    This is silly even for you.

  11. OK grumps,

    1. Tom DeLay. You got me there. No excuse.
    2.Jack Ruby. Ancient history, and hey, what are you gonna do about a crazy strip joint owner?
    3. Aggie worship. By whom? As a UT grad, I take exception. Talk to Owen.
    4.Lone Star Beer. I counter with Shiner Bock or St. Arnolds or any number of outstanding local beers. Are you telling me there are no mediocre beers in Wisconsin?
    5.Boot-Scootin'. Needs no defense. I can boot-scoot and I can polka. Boot-scootin's better.
    6. and 7. Foreign invaders
    8.Marfa Lights. Are you kidding me? One of the coolest "is it a hoax or not" things ever.
    9.Friday Night Lights. Don't know much about the TV show, but the book is just about dead solid perfect about West Texas high school football.
    10.Pearl Light Beer. Back where we started--absolutely no excuse for this. Even worse than Coors Light.

  12. Notably missing from the list: Enron. That should be about #1.