Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Whallah! Roundup

First, let me apologize for my absence, put I have been busy with a few projects. I have two done, including, for now, my work on the northern castle. I have no idea where everyone else is.
With a dozen contributors, one would think there would be an occasional posting, but...

Anyway, here is a collection of Whallah! worthy posts from around the cheddarsphere:

Jay Bullock points out that Charlie and is cronies are less than factual in their smear jobs.

The mighty Brawler points out that Belling is part of the lunatic fringe, by thinking that mass transit is a concern of only a fringe group of people. Brawler continues with his streak by pointing out that Sykes latest rampage is a more than a bit heavy in the racism department. And following with the Sykes theme, he questions what city Sykes refers to when he says only Milwaukee is suffering in this crappy economy.

Paul Soglin tries to do a psychoanalysis on both Sykes and Belling. That is a feat that not even a trained mental health professional would want to do.

Dan Cody takes on Jay Weber's misrepresentation of what happened with the FEMA voucher applications. He also explains that he learned, from squawk radio, that not even kids should be allowed to be healthy, if they can't afford their own insurance.

And Mike Mathias is waiting for an apology. I think Sykes or McIlheran should be one of the first in line to do so.

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  1. "With a dozen contributors, one would think there would be an occasional posting, but..."

    We may have a dozen contributors, but none as great as you.

    Seriously though, I've got some stuff brewing that is definitely Whallah! worthy.