Monday, June 2, 2008

The Next Great Right Wing Selective Outrage Target

First a review of recent history in the ongoing sequences of selective outrage by the right wing.

Last fall, it was Miller's secret agenda to make everyone into homosexual bondage fanatics by imitating a famous painting.

Then about a month ago, it was a crusade against a comedian, who dared to make a Catholic joke, and his diabolical sponsors.

The most recent antic was the outrage at Dunkin Donuts and Rachel Ray, because she wore a scarf.

Then I remembered a recurring bit of selective outrage silliness. There are some who are mortally offended by the fact that the memorial to Flight 93 has a red crescent-shaped structure included in it. This outrage has been going on for years.

So who would be the next logical choice?

Well, the Shriners, of course! After all, just look at their symbol:

I mean look at it. A crescent, a scimitar, an Egyptian looking character. These people have to be stopped!

No peace until every fez is burned!

Anyway, that's my guess for their next bit of silliness.


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  2. Sorry about that. I had to trash a little Spam.

    I'm just trying to imagine Racheal Ray as a Shriner doing stand-up while taking a quick pull off a Miller and riding a high-speed local train. That should make a few heads pop.

  3. Now, the odd thing is, every Shriner I've ever known has been Christian. And the majority were of Arab descent. Wonder what that means?

  4. Maybe that the right wing histrionics are totally silly?


  5. Well, that may well be, but the idea of honoring those murdered with a symbol of those doing the murdering is just a tad more than "silly". At least IMHO.

  6. Kay,

    You could drive yourself crazy looking for crescents, pentagrams, rainbows, or any other symbol that may or may not represent something you don't like.

    Puff the Magic Dragon was just a kid's song, you know. Unless the person who designed the memorial said that it was meant for Islamic terrorists, I would think you're reading way to much into it.

  7. Um, I'm hoping you just misspelled my name. :)

    How much research have you actually done into this so called memorial? A large chunk of the families are totally against this design. They have made their wants known, but evidently the 'designer' doesn't give a flying flip how those who were murdered are 'honored'.

    BTW, I always thought that was a really stupid song, and I've never been much into the folkie socialism anyway. :/

  8. Sorry, Kate, it's calle getting ahead of oneself.

    Again, unless he meant it for that purpose, I think the general reaction is overblown. The families are probably hypersensitive, as I would probably be in their shoes, and they should have been listened to.

    I wasn't aware a kiddie song was socialist. I suppose next will be that Captain Kangaroo was a commie.

  9. Pfft! Don't make me come up there and smack you! :) I was talkin' about the folkie scene, not the song itself.

    Ok, the swastika is an ancient symbol, agreed? The Nazis swiped it for their own purposes. Would you think it was ok for someone to use a similar shape, even if it wasn't meant to be one?

    I dunno, I think I'd have a problem.

  10. The thing is this: the crescent is common and used in a lot of things, not just for Islam. The swatiska was never common until the Nazis.

    Do you hate rainbows too? The gay pride movement uses that for a symbol.

  11. My point is people take something and turn it into evil.

    Depends on the rainbow.

  12. Oh, they can all right. Look at the right. They even distorted the word right. There are many of them that just ain't right, right?


    Like I said though, the artist should have listened to the families more. Or at least tried to communicate better with them.

  13. Heh. I won't even talk about the word "liberal". :)