Monday, June 16, 2008

Wrong On So Many Levels

Who knew that one post could tell us so much about the fragile psyche of Kevin Fischer? Zach's post from Sunday takes a look at how little Kev knows about the Constitution but let's take a look at what else the shrill shill spills.

He's got a crush on the Pornographer, Ann Coulter.
Liberals, if you gotten this far down in the blog (I doubt it) here’s
Coulter’s entire column
if you care to pick up any pointers on how
a truly captivating writer does it.
He's captivated, simply captivated by her premise that GWB may be the ginchiest, most niftiest President ever, wever, ever. Why? Because there hasn't been a single attack on American soil since 9/11. That's why.
Ann Coulter writes about what I’ve been saying for years on radio and TV.
George Bush has been amazing because after 9-11, he protected this

That's right. Bush has been a Daddy-President and he hasn't let anyone...What? What's that? Five people dead from an anthrax attack on Congress and several media outlets. Apparently, Kevin and Coulter put their heads together and decided that 5 dead isn't really enough to call it a terrorist attack. And Kevin's been saying it all along. Daddy is good.

What else can we learn from reading Fischer?

He's firmly mired in the 70's.
The incense and sandals crowd has no life, so to inject a bit of excitement,
they read conservative blogs (like mine) and listen to conservative talk radio
so they can rush to their keyboards ...

Kevin can't stand to believe that anybody but those damned dirty hippies might want to see that troops come home and our economy made whole.

We know he can't count.
I have a kajillion liberal friends and associates...

And doesn't understand his readers.
...(who, by the way, don’t want me to step in front of a train and don’t
hate me) who admit readily they love to read conservative blogs and listen to
conservsative talk radio to, of course, hear what the other side is saying, but

Memo to Kevin: People are entertained by all kinds of things that aren't really valuable. You can draw a pretty good crowd downtown just by flopping around on the sidewalk and hollering, "Potato, potato." People are just drawn to a train wreck to reaffirm their gratitude that they weren't involved. Sometimes they aren't laughing with you.

Throw in his lack of understanding of basic government principles, his pitiful strawman understanding of Liberals and his appalling lack of humility in the face of his inadequacies and you have a good look at a 51 year-old man using the power of his position and a major, once-influential newspaper to say a quick, "neener-neener" to the 74% of America that disagrees with Coulter and Kevin.

He's right about one thing, though. It's really hard to read all the way to the end of his posts when you have to stop to clean the schmutz off your shoes all the time.


  1. Liberals, [I doubt it] if you gotten this far down in the blog ...

    At least he gotten that much right.

  2. You would think the term "legislative aide" would imply someone who is being helpful, not moronic.

  3. That would depend on the intellectual rigor of the legislator, I guess.

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