Sunday, June 29, 2008

Eureka! Kevin Fischer Is Mickey!

I wasn't sure until today, but the truth is there to see.

In yet another case of sockpuppetry (this is the fourth conservative that I've learned of in the past month or so, who practices in this deception-although methinks now two of them might be the same person), we see Fischer losing it on his blogs.

First read this and this, to get a flavor of the infamous mickey.

Now compare it to the comments on this post by Fischer.

All the comments on Fischer's blog appear to have been written by the same person. The same style of syntax, semantics and inanity. Now compare that to mickey's comments.

With the exception of mickey's spastic capitalization, I do believe they're the same. Even down to the same juvenile name that they call me.

So now, if one needs to read mickey's insane, incoherent and libelous chatter, just stay tuned in for our next post on Fischer.


  1. And for those of you that might not get it:

    No, I am not seriously contending that mickey and Fischer are the same person.

    mickey is a much better writer.

  2. You have no clue!
    Inspector clusoe could do better.
    Try harder next time, your detective skills suck! You are reaching and falling from ladder. Time to grow up.

  3. Hey metro, do you like Sifl and Olly?

    I used to love that show, and I'm sure you'd appreciate a show about sock puppets.

  4. I've got the complete Sifl & Olly collection and still subscribe to Liam's podcast, but I've been wrongfully accused of sock puppetry before.

  5. Are you perhaps referring to Kookla, Fran and Ollie?
    You're young and you probably don't understand the reference.

    Do you remember WLPX or WQFM?

  6. No, I'm referring to Sifl and Olly. Perhaps you're too old and don't understand the reference.

  7. Hey capper ,
    Who exactly is a sock puppet?

  8. Capper you try to be witty but alas your lack of knowledge makes you look like... well, like you.

  9. Yeah, Your clueless. Who Am I.

  10. Someone with poor grammar skills. Bad spelling, bad punctuations.

    Tsk, tsk.

  11. So, you don't know do you?
    BTW, kettle hello pot.

  12. Mmm. Not quite sure what that kettle/pot comment means. Either that you're obtuse and/or just unobservant.

  13. Now I know how those celebrities feel when they have the paparazzi.

    My advice to one of my "fans:" If you want to "Be Like Greg," you need to quit posting numerous bogus comments. The second thing to understand is, I don't drink, so I don't have what seems to be drunken rants. Sorry!

  14. Actually, judging from all of Mickey's comments, I would guess that he's suffering from a bona fide mental disorder. I'm being serious here: I don't think he's quite right in the head.

  15. Sorry, I'm old enough to remember Kukla, Fran and Ollie, and cool enough to remember Sifl, too. I can even remember when they played nothing but videos on MTV. Up hill, both ways!