Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kevin Fischer Wants to Debate the Issues....

Seriously, he does!

He also laments at the amount of hatred that out there, and he comments on how "vicious and cruel" people can be:
I don’t believe people truly grasp the amount of hatred that’s out there. People are downright vicious and cruel, as I have received numerous hateful, harassing correspondences, even personal threats that have had to be investigated by authorities.

Now what I can't help but wonder is if Kevin Fischer would count himself among the "vicious and cruel" people out there, considering some of the cruel and personal attacks he's made on fellow bloggers. In case anyone's forgotten, let's just recap some of Kevin Fischer's favorite insults against fellow bloggers:

  • "By the way, where is Cheesecake Boy to defend himself now that he's a 21-year old man?

    Oh, wait.

    He has Mommy HAD TO COMMENT to do his dirty work for him."
  • "Note to Greg Kowalski's sisters:

    If you know what's good for you, don't let big brother help you with spelling or English grammar."
  • "Eevn Unfettered candor, aka Larry Christian isn't sucking your behind tonight, Greg.

    Or is he posing as Nancy G.?

    No wait.

    That's your sister.

    Shouldn't she be in bed?"
  • "You might be on your own, Cheesecake breath."

Perhaps before Kevin Fischer starts lamenting about personal attacks and nastiness in the blogosphere, he should first examine his own behavior. After all, he's a 50-something year old grown man; perhaps he should start acting like it.

Edit: Here's a link to the thread containing Kevin's greatest hits.


  1. You go to that link and wonder:

    1) Where does Fischer get the time to do all that posting?

    2) What a vindictive bugger

    3) Who in their right mind would give this guy a job? The GOP apparently is not in their right mind.

    4) Channel 10 performs a public service by displaying this guy's antics on a weekly basis on Interchange, allowing him to demonstrate an utter lack of class which reflects on the rest of the GOP, though he would be more useful in a dunk tank. Now that would be a hell of a fund raiser for The Friends of Channel 10

  2. And kr, keep in mind that he's 51 and married, and he still acts like a juvenile.

    And for what it's worth, he's certainly in no position to call anyone else "Pilsbury Doughboy."

  3. He throws a fit over the smallest of things, but expects everyone else to tolerate his complete and utter nonsense on a regular basis.

    I find it rather pathetic when a man is lecturing someone about decency and courtesy...manners, for the most part...when he lacks them worse than anyone I've ever known.

    It's like a child teaching an adult how to drive a car.