Sunday, June 29, 2008

Taxes? What?

There was a certain twitter in the Quesosphere when it was revealed that Al Franken's corporation had misfiled certain state Income Taxes. That foofoorah was soon cleared up, as well it should have been. The levy by each state on performers and athletes is an accounting nightmare that should be remedied by some form of reciprocity but it is, after all what it is and Franken owed and paid the tax.

Then there was the Olbermann Tax flare. Based on one gossip note from one columnist in a paper owned by one of Keith Olbermann's main competitors we saw OUTRAGE! Of course, that story died in a fizzle of facts soon after and we haven't heard a word about it since.

Now we have the latest scofflaw story and I, for one, just can't wait to see the fighting keyboarders of the Cheddarsphere swing into their well-rehearsed high-dudgeon mode and unleash the fury of the torture of the nibbling ducks upon the miscreant.

AFP(fs) has been honing the swift sword of skewering and should be ready to pounce, pounce I say, upon this scofflaw who would steal from the pockets in the gown of Liberty. I look for these newly minted conservative bloggers to don the mantle of their elders and betters and charge headlong into battle against...

John and Cindy McCain????? WTF? They're worth, like, a hundred million dollars, right?

Well, heck. We'll never hear a word about this innocent little misunderstanding from the forces of indignant righteousness. If we do they'll point out, quite rightly, that the McCains sent a check a soon as Newsweek asked them about the debt glossing giddily over the fact that the check was short. Rich Republicans can't be bothered by petty inconveniences like civic responsibility. Besides, it's easy to miss a tax notice for four years.

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