Sunday, June 29, 2008

No More Fischer Fry...Now It's A Fischer Boil

In a post that looks like it was written by one of Whallah's regular authors, Milwaukee Social Worker, starts out hot with a title of "Where to start: The Lunacy of Kevin Fischer." And then MSW just turns up the heat:
As many of my fellow bloggers have noted on many occasions, Mr. Fischer is a disgrace to bloggers, Republicans, and humans everywhere. See his recent post supposedly about the primary function of the Federal Government. As you read this, I am sure you will observe that he is really not trying to discuss the function of the Federal government. His primary intent is to bash liberal bloggers, demonstrate his ignorance related to social programs and intervention, and defend the current Bush Administration without merit. While the blogosphere is open to all walks of life (and opinions), he claims to be credentialed, supported be [sic] Legislator Mary Lazich, and worthy of broadcast television. I am shocked that anyone would pay him for these opinions. At least Ann Coulter is somewhat more logical and introspective. Fischer only demonstrates his huge ego and his belief in his own opinions over respect and concern for others.

You can read the rest here.

Couldn't have done better myself.


  1. Capper, is there anything we can do to get this fired?

  2. Wow, I wouldn't have expected that from MSW.