Saturday, June 14, 2008

McBride rides the rails

Having had an eye-opening experience in Europe, Jessica McBride says she supports more, improved public transportation, perhaps even -- gasp! -- the dreaded light rail.

After I left Europe, I realized I’d used every form of transport - a taxi, a bus, a subway, a train, a boat ... even a gondola.

And then I arrived back in America and got back in my car, turning on talk radio. Really, what’s the other option?
Apparently she sees no irony in the fact that it is talk radio that has so politicized the issue and polluted the air in southeastern Wisconsin that it is impossible to have a rational conversation about rail.

More from McBride:
If we had a light rail system as effective as those in Europe,I’d ride it. We can quibble over the type and costs, but conservatives should join together with liberals and come up with a public transportation improvement plan.
Maybe she could start by talking with her candidate for governor, Scott Walker, who believes the ideal transportation system is for everyone to drive a car.


  1. I'm completely stunned but happy... Maybe Milwaukee has hope for mass transit yet.... If you can get Jessica McBride on board then well maybe anyone!

  2. Jessica McBride actually making sense? OMG!!! Maybe the Cubs will win the World Series this year.:)