Friday, June 6, 2008

The Hot Reads Sykes Doesn't Want You To Read

Gretchen at Milwaukee Rising: Justice Denied:
...The man who stopped at nothing to win was pre-emptively protected by people sworn to uphold and enforce the law.

SocratesChildren at Uppity Wisconsin: Love Affair with Route 15
Last summer when Scott Walker - County ("The Bus Stops Here") Executive, unflappable manager of his biggest failure, Milwaukee County Transit, inept quarterback during the 4th quarter demise of Milwaukee, elected on a promise to
Just Say No - asked his staff to work up a proposal for reducing bus service by
14% and raise fares (not service) to New York levels, Bay View Riders raised the

H/T to Pundit Nation for the above. I think SocratesChildren will quickly become one of my favorites.

And last, but never least, The Mighty Brawler returns from hiatus: Bush Lied, People Died
People will sometimes point out that that bumperstickers oversimplify complicated issues (no kidding). But it appears the bumpersticker "Bush lied, people died" actually understates the case.

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  1. Why aren't the Democrats demanding impeachment? God knows if you don't do it for purposely miss-using the military resources of the United States to win the mid-term election that part of the Constitution would be rendered useless. Imagine anyone proposing it for infractions in the future will be laughed out of Congress. So much for rule of law.

    Hope Congress fallows up o their offer to have Scott McClellan testify and that he sings like a bird.