Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hey, Kev?

It's fiction, Buddy.

Get a grip. He's an entertainer. It's not like he was a government CoS or anything.


  1. Fischer writes in his comment section:

    Suppose Rush Limbaugh went on the air today and read a poem or story about Barack Obama being gunned down on his hotel balcony....and then when the skit was over, told his audience it was only satirical.

    Er, big difference between a chapter in a book written 12 years ago and never read out loud on the air, to Fischer's lame-brained example. Because, yes, there would be a big outcry if Limbaugh read that crap.

    Is it really true he's that stupid?

  2. Kevin believes what he wants, despite any facts that might refute his point of view.

  3. What makes it satire is that Franken parodied--quite well--the gritty breathless style of a lot of Vietnam fiction (and some non-fiction). But he did it using the names not of actual veterans and KIAs, or with names that could have been vets or KIAs, but with the names of men who made it a point to both dodge that draft and later revel in the deaths of other men in war.

    Kevin's Limbaugh example is just eliminationist porn.

  4. My sense is guys like Kev believe that politics is just a show -- after all, he and his buddies are paying for a lot of it.