Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Watchdog McIlheran And, Whallah!

Janice takes Paddy Mac to task for indulging in fairy tales and comes up with a Whallah!-worthy moment.
There are two mendacious claims here. The first is that Barack Obama’s
failure to realize that the Mt. Rushmore scene in North by Northwest was not
filmed on location is evidence that he doesn’t understand that movies aren’t
real life. That’s ridiculous. All it proves is that Obama doesn’t know much
about making movies — hardly a disqualification for the presidency.

The second claim is that St. Ronald Reagan, contrary to his (no
doubt liberal) critics, did understand that movies are make-believe. In fact,
there is plentiful evidence that the late ex-President conflated film and real
life on numerous occasions.

But outside of accusing Paddy of mendacity she cuts him some slack.
Next time McIlheran wants to slam Obama, he might think about having more
evidence for his claims; next time he wants to defend Reagan, he might do some
research first. (I here give him the benefit of the doubt — something he rarely
gives liberals — and assume he was not deliberately lying.)
It can be hard to tell, sometimes.

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