Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kevin Buys A Meme

There's a drumbeat around the right side of the blogosphere that looks as if it originated at the Drudge that says that with all of the flooding in Iowa there's no looting or complaining in the Midwest. They never quite get around to using the word "shiftless" but you can see it right there like a watermark on their denials of racism.

Kevin "Not A Pulitzer Prize Nominee, But A Member Of The Press For Years" Fischer buys into the meme today like Horton hearing a Who. He links to a local blogger who has swallowed this tripe, hook, line and sinker. (When you get to the place in the comments where the blogger calls someone an "ass" that's where he deleted my attempt to enlighten him on what's really going on.)

Here's a couple of links just to set the tone. I'm sure you can find more without much effort. Just look around, Kev.

That includes the 113th cavalry from Sioux City and the 185th air
refueling wing.

The 185th Iowa Air National Guard Unit patrol the streets along the
flood line urging people to stay out of flooded areas.

Air guardsman are along dozens of check points forming a perimeter
around the downtown area.

They are directing traffic and also keeping an eye out for

From Fox 9 in the Twin Cities
By noon Sunday the Minneapolis and Hennepin County response teams were
at work in Cedar Rapids. The officers and deputies are working in areas of
Cedar Rapids where the flood waters are receding to allow residents to return to
their homes on a limited basis.

Minnesota officers are helping to prevent looting and other theft
in the flooded areas.
On Monday, Dolan and Stanek announced another 20
officers 10 deputies would be sent to Iowa this week

And then of course one commenter notes some of the differences between Katrina and Iowa.

This is the media shaping your views. There is whining and looting
happening in the midwest. It's just not being reported.

The Red Cross is out of funds and borrowing to support the refugees
there. People are being arrested for blowing through roadblocks....and the
police are an actual presence....unlike in New Orleans where they were part of
the problem.

The good people of Louisiana, Alabama and Missisippi responded with as
much courage and cooperation as the midwesterners. What do you know about the
rebuilding efforts there ??

Probably nothing.1800 people DIED in Katrina !!! What's it up to in the
midwest...10 ??? The floods are awful, but they are not even 1% of the
devastation Katrina caused


  1. Yeah, where were the 150+ mph winds and the 25 to 50 foot wall of water that came crashing down on Iowa?

    The Game is lost again (and so is Fischer).

  2. I especially like the comment
    "It never occurs to liberals that their beloved welfare state creates a specific culture of dependence, helplessness, and criminality. We've supposed to judge liberals by their intentions, not the incentives they create."

    I love the labels and the judgement passed by the Right. Hopefully they never get injured, or victimized, or grow old and need social services support!