Tuesday, December 4, 2007

All We Are Saying Is Give War a Chance

By Keith Schmitz

Guaranteed to make your head hurt.

Yes, I see her attempt at humor. But Jessica comparing herself and her husband to John and Yoko is a gut buster on so many levels.

Genius is pain.


  1. Please, no. The image of those two naked in a hotel bed (or, in this case, the hot tub from Bucher's previous marriage) is not something to contemplate near lunchtime.

  2. In today's installment, she seems to be putting herself in the same stratum as Mike Gousha.

    Now Mike Gousha in a hot tub?

    Naw, can't picture it. He'd still be wearing a tie, for sure.

  3. Actually it was Cuprisin who made the comparison.

  4. Well if he kept the house of course he would keep the hot tub DUH