Sunday, December 9, 2007

Baby Jesus Was Secular? Who Knew?

It is not a sign of professional journalism when you let your hatred of a person or institution blind you to the facts. It's also not advisable to rant about something without reading it.

If you don't know what I am referring to, McBride does a gratuitous slam on one of her favorite targets, Laurel Walker:

The Journal Sentinel's lefty Waukesha columnist Laurel Walker adorns her "Christmas" tree with "secular baubles." Why am I not surprised?

What Walker really wrote was:

My tree (once it's up and decorated) is a Christmas tree, decorated with mostly secular baubles, souvenirs, a lot of "Sesame Street" characters (dating to the boys' childhoods), a handful of angels and a tiny hanging crèche - maybe even two. (emphasis mine)

If you think McBride is way off-base on this one, you're not alone. Tim Rock opines:

It's a pathetic game of gotcha by McBride. Some might even say she was being disingenuous (you know, lying). In any case, it was incredibly petty and beneath a "professional journalist.

"Why is she teaching at my alma mater anyway?

And from Whallah!'s mailbox:

Why take after someone's religious practices (also falsely calling Laurel Walker a "lefty," when she's pretty apolitical and writes a light column) - - but then when you read Walker's column, you read that she indeed has religious items on her tree. Such as a creche.So McBride is either deliberately dishonest, sloppy or didn't read the whole thing. Or doesn't know what a creche is.


  1. Yeah, the McBride of Chucky is the very picture of piety and is perfectly positioned to tells us what is fitting for the Christmas season, God damnit!

  2. So Paul Bucher's child bride is now a defender, much less a practitioner, of religion? If she was being honest, she should lay out on the table just why it is she wants to grind her ax on the teeth of a lightweight local columnist. Is it because the columnist knows McBride's true history at the Sentinel, knows all the ethical and moral trouble that has followed her, knows how wholly McBride is exposed as she tries so painfully to aggrandize herself? Let us hear about just how religious Jessica McBride is. Better yet, let's get her to the confessor.