Thursday, December 20, 2007

No Freedom Of Speech For You

Charlie, whenever he sees or hears something he doesn't like, like common sense, goes ballistic on it. When someone points this out to him, he trots out his pat, "Well, yes, they have the right to do such and such. And I have the right to say that it's stupid."

However, Charlie doesn't necessarily believe that right extends beyond himself and maybe some of his best buddies.

So when Mike Mathias chooses to talk about childhood obesity and expresses his disappointment that Donald Driver, a hero to young and old here in Wisconsin, has a promotional relationship with McDonald's, well, that is enough to give Charlie conniptions. He ranted about it on the air. He ranted about it on his blogsite.

Apparently, Mr. Mathias isn't allowed to express his opinion. Charlie writes:

Listener asks: "When did ‘humorless’, ‘sanctimonious’, and ‘liberal’ become synonyms?"

and then goes on to link and quote from Mr. Mathias's post.

I didn't get a chance to see it myself, but apparently Charlie, the former journalist, the former Milwaukee Magazine editor, and the so-called "blogfather" was so upset that he couldn't even spell correctly.

Oh, and Charlie, just for your edification, even liberals have the right to free speech and are free to criticize. Despite the best efforts of you and your ilk, this is still a (relatively) free country.

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