Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bragging Rights

Throughout history, in literature and in real life, there is always someone that has to be among the best in what they do.

Robin Hood was the best archer England ever saw.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police claim they always get their man.

Homer Simpson is the donut master.

Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods and our own Brett Favre are among the giants in each of their respective sports.

And Charlie Sykes...Well, we'll let you tell Charlie tell you what he's good at. The following is an excerpt from his radio show last Friday, when he was talking about the "free porno" that was available at city hall:

"I actually have a personal take on this. In a different life, I was the city hall reporter for the old Milwaukee Journal. I was there was there every day. I can guarantee you that if I knew if there was free porn in City Hall...well, first of all, if there was free porn in city hall I would've known about it. I would have figured it out sooner or later, I'm telling you. Honesty. And it wouldn't have taken me months to find out about it."

Now we're not saying that Sykes is a porno aficionado, but one would think he could have found something better to boast about.

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