Wednesday, December 5, 2007

McBride Can't Handle The Truth?!?

Just a few days ago, capper, that witty, detail-orientated, fact-using man who also happens to be amazingly handsome (his words, not mine) wrote about Jessica McBride's "little white lie" about receiving a press release from Walker, Tosa Ranger announcing his re-election campaign, when in fact she is more likely to have received the same automated email generated by his campaign website. Now it's no secret capper's not a fan of Walker, Tosa Ranger, just as it's no great secret I'm not a member of Walker's fan club, and capper's astutely exposed perhaps the single greatest broken promise of Scott Walker's 2002 campaign to become the Milwaukee County Executive - namely, "Will not serve for more than one full term (no longer than 2008)."

Seeing as how Jessica purports to be a "real journalist," I thought I'd make an attempt to find out how she feels about Walker breaking his promise not to run in 2008, but as of yet I haven't gotten a response. One thing I've noticed about Jessica McBride's behavior on her blog - besides her penchant for quashing dissent by not approving comments she doesn't like - is her fondness for ignoring comments she knows she can't rationally answer. Truly the mark of an intellectual giant...

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps she is merely, irrationally afraid of reality?
    What would that be, realityphobic?

    And I can help it if I am witty and devestatingly handsome.